Nov 062011

Surprisingly, there are a quite a number of online colleges that accept FAFSA (Government Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as a financial aid option for students. According to students enrolled in various accredited online colleges and universities, it is confirmed that most online schools take FAFSA as a form of financial aid.

For instance, more and more community colleges are offering online classes. By far, the biggest advantages of attending community colleges online are cheaper tuition and the convenience of flexible hours.

List of Accredited Online Colleges that Accept FAFSA

The following list was gathered doing a quick search online for accredited online colleges that accept FAFSA. Before submitting an application, be sure to call your perspective online college to make sure they accept FAFSA.

kaplanuniversity-onlineprogramsaccept-fafsaKaplan University Financial Aid

They explain a step-by-step process of applying for financial aid for both government and private loans. Click here to go to Kaplan University FAFSA program for online students link.

baker-college-online-programs-take-FAFSABaker College

This college was mentioned in another article and they are considered as one of the best accredited online colleges offer certificates, associate degrees and bachelors degrees to undergraduate students. Click here to go to Baker College’s FAFSA offer for online students

Kent State University

kent-state-online-colleges-accept-fafsa-300x87Kent State University offers a variety of online degrees and certificates programs and accepts FAFSA for online students. Click here to go to Kent State University’s FAFSA offer for online students

University of Phoenix

You’ve probably seen commercials about University of Phoenix. They have well-established online programs for the following degrees: associate, bachelors, masters and even PHDs. The program options are limited when compared to other online colleges. Click here to go to University of Phoenix online programs for FAFSA offer

Even though I only listed 4 accredited online colleges that accept FAFSA here, there are many others. If you know any, please share it with other students using the comment section below.